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Tron - Pico8 game

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Screenshot I took from Celeste

I've been playing a really addictive game on the Nintendo Switch recently called Celeste. I looked up the company behind it and discovered the initial version of the game was built in four days on the PICO-8 fantasy console.

Overview of PICO8

After watching an overview of the PICO8 console I decided to buy it (Costs $14.99) and build a Tron clone.

Click to play


Red player:

Up: e
Down: d
Left: s
Right: f

Blue player:

Use arrow keys


My brother and sister playing Tron

Nintendo Switch controllers

The game can also be played using the Nintendo Switch controllers. Once you pair the controllers with the macbook you can use a free program called Enjoyable to remap the controller inputs to the above controls.