Neil Lyons

Freelance Web Developer based in the UK.

The art of writing is rewriting

It has been said many times by novelists and journalists that the art of writing is rewriting; I have found this to be true for software as well. The first time we write a piece of code, all we are really doing is learning about the problem and how it might be tackled as well as getting some of our thinking out of our heads and onto paper (or into a text editor). The second time we write it, we are applying our new knowledge to actually solve the problem. If you've never tried this, give it a shot—you might find that the quality of your code shoots up quite dramatically as I did. It doesn't mean the second time will be the last time—software evolves and we should try to keep it as cheap and disposable as possible, so we don't mind throwing pieces away if they go stale or start to get in the way.

-- Mat Ryer, Go Programming Blueprints