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How to get a Russian Visa in Japan

You can't apply for a Russian Visa earlier than three months before you intend to enter Russia. I left the UK six months ago, so I knew I would have to apply for a visa whilst travelling. Japan was the last country I intended to visit before entering Russia so it's here that I applied for a visa.

What you'll need before going to the Russian consulate is an invitation to Russia. I got my invitation emailed to me by I paid about £20. Print this off.

Next you'll need to complete the visa application form. Here is a video tutorial on how to complete the form. Print this form off. At the end of the form it asks which consulate in Japan you will be submitting your application to. There are four choices; Osaka, Tokyo, Niigata, Sapporo. I choose Osaka.

What you'll need to take to the consulate

The Russian consulate in Osaka is only open from 2pm to 4pm on weekdays and is closed on Russian public holidays (See bottom of the consulate website for those dates.)

How to get to the consulate

Here is the route on Google maps

Take the Midosuji line north and got off at Senri-chuo (this is the last station). Then exit via the central gate.

The central exit surfaces in a bus station. Look for bus stand 3.

Take the number 47 bus. (You pay when you get off)

Get off at the fourth stop. In English it's called "... elementary school"

After getting off the bus there is a 5 minute walk. Follow this google map

You should come across a building flying the Russian flag outside. This is the consulate. There is a security guard who will let you through the gate. Then just wait in line to be seen.

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