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Estes Proto X FPV upgrades

Improve the video signal

Replace the video antenna with a clover leaf antenna to get much better range and consistent video signal regardless of orientation of the quad. Rotating the quad with the stock antenna would cause the video signal to degrade significantly.

Clover leaf antenna

Clover leaf antenna

I bought mine from but I also saw a similar looking product on banggood which might work.

No need for AA batteries

The Proto X FPV transmitter takes an input voltage between four and 13 volts. Use a two or three cell LiPo battery to power the transmitter instead of using AA batteries.

Solder new power cables

Solder power cables onto the board and plug your LiPo battery in. I used a two cell balance lead with the middle wire removed, as this connector is universal across all two cell batteries.

Velcro the battery to the back

Use velcro to hold the LiPo battery in place.