Neil Lyons

Freelance Web Developer based in the UK.

Available for remote work.


I've worked with Neil on a number of webapp projects, usually involving complex business processes. These all called for clear thinking, the ability to sensibly work within changing client constraints and a responsible, considered attitude to software development. He hit the mark every time, and he is consistently a pleasure to work with. Friendly, responsible and mature of mindset, Neil's a strong developer who I'm always happy to work with. When you hire him, you'll soon see what I mean.

Side projects


September 2020 - Present
Wagtail Developer
Python Django Wagtail Heroku
March 2018 - March 2020
Wagtail Developer
Onsite in London
Python Django Wagtail CSS HTML Javascript Heroku

OANDA is an online forex broker. Users can open positions in currencies, indices, commodities, bonds, precious metals, and cryptos.

I worked as the main developer building the new marketing website using the Wagtail Content Management System. A good portion of my time was spent liaising with the marketing team and trying to convert their plans into code. Whenever there was too much to do I would write briefs for an external agency, review their code, and deploy.

This was a very exciting project to work on. I got to go to the main engineering office in Toronto twice, and experience working in the finance sector in the City of London.

During this period I also crossed the ten year mark in programming with Django 💙💜💚❤️🧡💛.

September 2017 - March 2018
Python Developer
Onsite in London
Python Django SOAP gRPC

Secret Escapes is an online travel agent offering luxury hand-picked hotels at a reduced rate.

I worked in the London office as part of a remote team, who were based in Germany, Poland, and Macedonia.

Our team's role was to develop a Django REST framework application that allowed hotel bookings to be made over a JSON API.

June 2017 - July 2017
Python Developer
Onsite in London
Python Pyramid Alembic Pytest

Research Exchange is a fintech startup that is capitalizing on the new MiFID II regulation that will force the banking sector to be more transparent with the distribution of research. Research Exchange is a marketplace that allows buying and selling of research.

I worked as a Python developer in a Pyramid and SQLAlchemy stack. I migrated email templates from the codebase to a hosted solution. This made it easier for the email team to edit transactional emails.

July 2015 - February 2017
Django Developer
Onsite in London and remote
Python Django Heroku

YunoJuno helps bring freelancers and employers together. Benefits from a freelancers point of view are; you get to use the YunoJuno contract and payment is guarenteed within 14 days.

I helped build the new marketing website using Wagtail, a Django based CMS. I also worked on the main web app building features and fixing bugs in a team of around eight in London and later remotely.

April 2015 – July 2015
Go Developer
Onsite in Tokyo

Eureka is a company based in Tokyo that make two dating apps called Pairs and Couples for the Asian market.

I worked as a Go developer building their JSON API to be consumed by the iOS app, Android app, and the AngularJS web app.

March 2014 – January 2015
Full Stack Django Developer
Python Django

Wolf & Badger is an independent fashion retailer selling online and at their stores in Notting Hill and Mayfair in London.

I was interviewed by Luke Plant and worked remotely in a team of four Django developers doing maintenance and feature development.

Almost all communication was asynchronous and happened over HipChat, Basecamp, and email. One developer was based in the United States, one in Finland, and the other two were based in the UK (Bradford, and London). I was in the UK (Belfast) but moved to Japan in July 2014 and continued to work for Wolf & Badger from Tokyo until December 2014.

June 2014 – July 2014
Full Stack Django Developer
Python Django

Wildfish is a digital agency in London specialising in Django Development.

I worked remotely in a team of four to help build a minimum viable product (MVP) for an event aggregator startup based in London. My role on this project was basically “extra manpower” and mostly did front end styling and some backend Django development for four weeks. I also worked for Wildfish for a couple weeks remotely from Tokyo.

November 2013 - December 2013
Full Stack Web Developer
Angular Python

Weir & Wong is a Digital Creative Production in London. I worked remotely as an AngularJS and Python developer, to build a online quiz for a well known tech company. The other members of the team included a project manager, designer, and front-end developer.

The quiz was a single page app where users would answer 16 questions on major events that happened in 2013 and would be presented with a final score which they were encouraged to share on social media. The web app was in three languages with logic handled by ngTranslate. uiRouter was used to create pages without a URL so users couldn’t skip ahead. The web app was heavily optimised using GruntJS to compress and concatenate all JS, CSS, and HTML templates.

The Recipe Kit
August 2013 – November 2013
Full Stack Django Developer
Python Django

The Recipe Kit was a startup in London offering an alternative to dining out, unhealthy take-aways and repetitive home cooking. Each week users could order meals they’d like to cook, and a few days later their ingredients would be couriered to their address along with instructions on how prepare and cook their meals.

I worked remotely as the sole developer for their ecommerce startup (using Stripe). My responsibilities involved sysadmin, back end and front end coding. I worked closely with the CEO, SEO analyst and designer.

August 2010 – October 2012
Django Developer
Onsite in Oxford
Python Django

Torchbox is a digital agency based in Charlbury near Oxford that focus on helping charities and non-govermental organisations.

Cher Président - Yahoo! France

One of the most exciting projects I worked on at Torchbox was Cher Président. The site’s aim was to gather policy ideas from the French public during the 2012 French election. Users were encouraged to share and vote the ideas up or down, with Yahoo! getting increased traffic, via Cher Président, to its news portal. The most popular ideas each month got their own banner ad throughout the Yahoo! network.

In a period of just 4 months, some 26,000 policy ideas were proposed and 5 million votes cast.

I was one of two developers who worked on this project. One of the central aims was that no front-end requests should incur a database hit (other than an occasional one to refresh cached content). To tackle this we made extensive use of redis (key-value store) and celery (asynchronous task queue).

Upshot - Football Foundation

Ongoing iterative development of an enterprise-scale monitoring and evaluation system, enabling the Football Foundation to assess and report on the impact of their grant-giving on local communities.

This was an interesting project in continuous development throughout the year. Features would be spec’d out, implemented and pushed to staging to be signed off by the client, then deployed to production. We made extensive use of git for this and followed the gitflow method.

On this project we had up to five Django developers working on it at once. To help with developer setup we used vagrant. Each developer downloaded a copy of a preconfigured vagrant box which matched the server setup.

June 2009 – July 2010
Drupal Developer
Onsite in Manchester
PHP Drupal